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Two Items on the Same Desk Essay Example for Free

Two Items on the Same Desk Essay The initial a month and a half of school are consistently a delight . They are the spring time of educating. The most recent a month and a half? Those weeks can be, in the undying expressions of Thomas Paine, â€Å"The times that attempt mens souls.† Those are the days when instructors consider retirement whether or not theyve been educating for a long time or thirty. Mr. Hemphill was approaching the multi year point. Today Mr. Hemphill, as understudies consistently called him to his face, felt progressively like the â€Å"old Mr. Hemphill† he realized understudies frequently got back to him behind his. Not exactly 60, his companions, every one of whom alluded to him as just â€Å"Bob,† regularly remarked on how youthful and fit he showed up for a man his age. To the secondary school understudies at Olympus High he was antiquated. 90% of different instructors were adolescents under 40, most under thirty. â€Å"How old are you?† he was regularly inquired. â€Å"Older than you can imagine,† hed answer. â€Å"I used to instruct Shakespeare.† â€Å"You still show it; we read Romeo and Juliet first semester.† â€Å"No, no,† he would smile. â€Å"I used to show Shakespeare the MAN. That is the reason he utilizes such a large number of quips in his plays.† Mr. Hemphill never gave a test or test without including a reward question, consistently a play on words or something to that affect. He didnt feel very punny today. He just felt drained, exhausted deep down. On his currently cleared, minutes sooner jumbled work area, were two things. The first was the genuine wellspring of his exhaustion. Seventh (the last) time of his day Mr. Hemphill had been giving a valiant effort to lead a scholarly conversation with a class of 38 understudies. The vast majority of them hadn’t read the insignificant seven pages of the novel hed allocated for schoolwork and whereupon the conversation was about. Out of nowhere a bit of paper drifted into the air from some place in the room, and past three or four work areas. It lit delicately as a small winged creature at his feet. He got it. The paper, which had drifted like a winged creature, was as welcome to Mr. Hemphill as feathered creature crap. Without a doubt, the less metaphorical type of the word â€Å"poop† rung a bell as he saw what was on the paper. In realistic, magnificently nitty gritty tagger workmanship shading was an image of a penis and scrotum on a skateboard. Mr. Hemphill remarked on the nature of the workmanship and communicated his desire that the creator would direct his conspicuous abilities in a progressively gainful way. What he nearly said was that the craftsman should most likely have gone through a long stretch of time contemplating and taking care of his subject so as to portray it so 2. precisely. He didnt state it anyway on the grounds that Mr. Hemphill in his center considered himself to be an expert. His garments, however not costly, were pressed and slick, his shoes cleaned. The years hed spent before study halls had instructed him losing his temper was not proficient. All the more significantly, it did you nothing but bad. He had taken a duplicate of the paper to the second in command with the names of those he was sure were mindful. To the class all in all he communicated his mistake that some of them who had such terrific potential for enormity were deciding to squander it on debasement. He implied it as well and said it with extraordinary genuineness. A couple looked as though they concurred with him. A few others, and most likely the ones capable, giggled but clandestinely. â€Å"They think Im only an old, old person from another planet,† he thought at that point. At the point when he took a gander at the thing now he felt frustration by and by, and outrage, without a doubt, and hurt. For reasons unknown it unquestionably hurt. Obviously it in all likelihood had not been intended for him. It had a young men name on it, Nick ________, and it was likely a posse thing. At the point when a pack part gives a person an image of a male private part it is a message. Hes getting the person out, offending him, asking him what hes going to do about it. Once in a while a posse fellow draws an image of the female comparable. That is a more awful affront, and infers the beneficiary wont or cant take care of business on the grounds that he’s only a P______. â€Å"Dont judge these guys† Mr. Hemphill let himself know. â€Å"You dont realize what the house or loft they return home to resembles. You dont know whats been done to them, what occurs on their square, in their hood each day.† â€Å"Now for what reason did they represent the penis on a skateboard?† he asked himself. The skateboard could be said to add a component of amusingness to the drawing. Cleverness to the denied and uninformed who felt any kindred who flatulated was amusing. In any case, humor mirrors that there is mankind some place in there. Perhaps heavenly nature as well? Mr. Hemphill shrugged, and murmured, and turned the offensive drawing over. Close to it was a letter from a previous understudy, Sean. Hed discovered Mr. Hemphill prior that day at split and came up to him to give him the letter. The letter wasnt to Mr. Hemphill. It was a letter to a school he was applying to. He should enlighten the school a bit of concerning himself and why he would be an incredible understudy to acknowledge. In spite of the fact that the letter wasnt to Mr. Hemphill, the principal half of it was about him. â€Å"I owe my insight and ever-enduring creating affection for the Literary Arts to Mr. Hemphill† the letter said. â€Å"He showed me the force stories have, and helped me become familiar with the essential abilities each essayist needs. In view of him ideally I will be capable one day to see myself as an effective screen writer.† Mr. Hemphill re-read those lines multiple times enjoying each word. He recollected Sean as he had looked as a rookies. Short, plump, enormous glasses. It was a clichã © maybe, yet from the start Mr. 3. Hemphill had believed that on the off chance that he had a book of slang and looked into the word, â€Å"nerd† Seans photograph would be alongside the definition. He was keen and decided and needed to learn. Sean wasnt as short or stout any more. He was beginning to resemble an attractive, certain youngster. He would make his mark in school. â€Å"I didnt show him anything, not really,† Mr. Hemphill reflected, â€Å"I just guided him a little.† What were the chances of getting both these things around the same time? Mr. Hemphill recalled the year hed had Sean, his green beans year. In the fall while he was missing and had a sub, a few understudies who werent his understudies went to his fourth period professing to be his understudies. Two of them diverted the substitute while the others took a few things off and in his work area. Someone even grabbed a major Muhammad Ali banner hed had on the divider for quite a long time. â€Å"Im so quick when I turn off the light switch on the divider, I can go hop into bed before its dark!† Ali said on the banner. Hemphill had utilized it for a considerable length of time to train understudies about exaggeration, and pride. The most exceedingly terrible thing about the occurrence was that they took his pencil can. It wasnt worth anything, yet it was something his most established little girl had made for him when she was in kindergarten or first grade. Shed put paper around a little can and drawn hearts on top of it, and it stated, â€Å"I love you daddy† on it. Hemphill kept it around his work area with pencils in it for a considerable length of time. Each time he took a gander at it he recollected the way his Samantha, presently a youthful mother, had looked the day she offered it to him. Why had they taken that? In the end the liable understudies got betrayed and rebuffed, yet the taken things were everlastingly lost. Spring of that equivalent year in his 6th period understudies got together and got him a major spic and span Muhammad Ali banner, more pleasant than the other one. They had gotten a card and all the understudies marked it and introduced it to him during finals week. Those were the most exceedingly awful and the best things understudies had ever done to or for Mr. Hemphill all through his entire profession. They had occurred during a similar school year. These two things on the work area occurred during a similar school day. Taking a gander at the two things, the gross picture and the letter were a dã ©jã vu of that past school year. The two things in a manner spoke to of the considerable number of days and all the years he had been a state funded teacher. What number of his students’ fathers had pencil can keepsakes on their work areas? What number of his understudies, whenever requested to compose an article or a brisk expound on a legend, somebody they respected, would turn in a clear piece of paper? He recalled that he had requested to go to this school in this piece of town. He’d began at Capital High where understudies originated from the town’s more pleasant neighborhoods and the vast majority of the guardians had occupations. Honest and optimistic, he’d needed to go where he could battle numbness and be a â€Å"light in the darkness.† After 30 years the vision despite everything seethed in his heart. At the point when that fire went out it would be an ideal opportunity to stop. 4. Mr. Hemphill drove himself away from his work area. At the edge divider uncorrected papers mounted up in little containers. They would need to pause. He was too worn out today to address papers. Mr. Hemphill strolled to the back window. There he watched out at the blue sky. He set his hand over his heart, and afterward flung the hand outward like an anglers who has quite recently cleaned a fish and afterward throws the crude guts out beyond all detectable inhibitions ocean. It was a custom begun when his children were little, an approach to not convey the considerations of the day home at night. At that point he returned home. He anticipated kissing his significant other and tuning in to his most youthful little girl, a secondary school senior, enlighten him concerning her day. At the point when he left the room one of the things around his work area was presently in the waste bushel close to the entryway. The other was inside his evaluation book tucked under his arm, held firmly alongside his heart.

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Globalization - Good or Bad Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Globalization - Good or Bad - Essay Example As far as International Trade, the creator has portrayed globalization as the stage that sets a level play area for both rich and poor nations. The creator has likewise avowed the less evolved nation can just improve their circumstance through the help of World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. I consent to a more noteworthy degree the affirmations of the creator aside from at somewhere in the range of scarcely any issues which I all out oppose this idea. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have been depicted by the creator as the mainstays of worldwide administration frameworks. The creator disregarded the intensity of power of states, majority rules system, and the universal equity framework. The case that creating nations can just improve their circumstance through these two worldwide money related organizations isn't precise. Wallerstein (2004) called attention to that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund is ‘training’ poor nation s to rely upon them. Creating nations experience issues adjusting the advances they get from these associations. They end up overburdened by the gigantic loan costs and wind up acquiring again from different sources including inner sources. This makes a situation like the one of burrowing an opening to cover another gap. The difficult despite everything remains. In such manner, I see the two establishments as adding to the moderate development of creating economies and not as the sole way to their monetary thriving. Worldwide organizations in creating nations have been featured as better paying contrasted with the neighborhood firms and that outside firms are not so much abusing their laborers. Hurst (2008) guarantee that global organizations are one of the social abuses in less created and poor nations. They extend employment opportunities to local people at a higher pay than neighborhood firms, however this ought not legitimize poor people, working conditions, work uncertainty, or the drawn out long periods of work frequently saw particularly in the assembling business. The creator asserts that on the off chance that the laborers were not content with these organizations, at that point they would leave. Hurst (2008) clarifies that is immense work power in creating nations and not many openings for work which leaves numerous specialists to ‘persevere’ where they are. The explanation, in this manner, why these laborers keep working for the outside firms isn't on the grounds that they are upbeat yet rather in light of the fact that they have no place else to search for a vocation. On the issue of remote organizations being nothing contrasted with the legislature, and not having the option to raise a military or expenses, the creator neglected to place into viewpoint that, now and again, some senior government authorities as a rule have individual interests in these organizations. Revesz (1997) expressed that with regards to emergency where global f irms are being blamed for different reasons, ‘the states can't be trusted’ in the manner in which the issue is taken care of. He saw that in spite of enormous negative exposure and allegations from both the media and the general population, the administration stays quiet and hangs tight for the ‘tide to settle’. The worldwide exchanging framework has been suggested by the creator as fair against creating nations. This might be valid to the extent universal exchange laws and guidelines are concerned. In any case, then again, as indicated by Wallerstein (2004), there is an increasingly significant issue of exchange unevenness whereby created nations have a high ground because of their financial quality bit of leeway, predominant

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4 Hot B2C Content Marketing Trends

4 Hot B2C Content Marketing Trends Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!4 Hot B2C Content Marketing TrendsUpdated On 07/03/2019Author : Ram kumarTopic : BusinessShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogBased on todays rate of technological advancement, all customers are moving to the online marketing system. Basically, every consumer wants to enjoy fast, quality, efficient and convenient marketing services which are offered by a range of sellers in the digital market. People want to get goods delivered in their doorstep by just making an online order on the kind of goods or materials that suits them best without having to visit the shops to make their preferred choices. A great example of such online service is trend has thus led to high competition among the various marketers, all doing their best to capture the attention of more customers. Marketers have us ed various strategies such as providing free deliveries to customers who order their products, providing a money guarantee if their products offered did not meet their expectations or even providing discounts on products sold to make more sales. All these marketing strategies are important but if you do not use the new trends in content marketing to get more customers then you are at a higher risk of losing your customers to your competitors. If you are wondering about how to go about the content marketing trends, then you need to relax as this article takes you through the topmost content marketing trends in 2019.What is content marketing?Content marketing is basically an online marketing approach meant to provide a promising, valuable and consistent content in order to lead and also attract new and retain existing customers to their products with an aim of making more sales each day. Below are some of the top content marketing trends in 2019 used by many B2C marketers1. Making pro fessional videos This is definitely the most effective strategy to lead customers to your products and services. You must have seen people uploading videos of what their business entails and all a customer can do to reach them. You may think that it costs them large sums of money to do it but you need to be sure it is such a cheap strategy to try out. You only need to get your smartphone which can capture clear images as you make your video on the kind of products or services offered then posting it on your YouTube channel or even on social media platforms such as Facebook or even Twitter. However, you need to get as many followers as possible. If you have a less number of subscribers or followers on your Chanel. Then this simply means that you are not going to reach as many customers as possible. READHandling the Haters: How to Deal with Unpleasant Readers2.Social media stories Social media platforms are very influential and everyone would always peep in each day to check out what is trending and what they can learn from their friends. Many companies have used these tools to grow their businesses and therefore there is a need to give it a trial.Posting some business stickers on Instagram helps you reach many people at the same time and hence increasing your chances of expanding your business each day. The rise of stories on WhatsApp, Snapchat and also on Instagram pages has highly helped in reaching more clients. B2C marketers have used this strategy over years and it is an effective approach for calling more customers into action.3. Changes to SEO There are frequent changes in the search algorithm and you, therefore, need to be careful when posting contents on the various search engines. This will ensure that your content is in the right order and remains relevant each day to attract more customers. However, the quality of your content, its speed, and the voice search remain core to the higher ranking of your marketing content. 4. Creating content that build s loyalty for your businessCapturing and retaining customers each time they visit your business is such a good idea as it helps you get assured of making sales each time even other new buyers do not turn up for your services. Do all you can to make them feel incomplete without your services. This way they will able to stick around in case they are in need of such services and also bring you, new customers, each day. The above trends are widely used by various B2C marketers to boost their businesses this year and so you need to always be on the lookout to master each trend being updated as you incorporate it on your content marketing strategies.

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Contingency Leadership Theories and Effective Leadership

Contingency Leadership Theories and Effective Leadership Contingency leadership theories attempt to define leadership style, the situation, and answer the if-then contingencies. Situational leadership theory is a contingency theory that focuses on followers’ readiness: the extent to which people have the ability and willingness to accomplish a specific task. Path-goal theory states that it is the leader’s job to assist followers in attaining their goals and to provide direction or support needed to ensure that their goals are compatible with the organization or group goals. Each theory was developed as a separate model for leaders to determine which leadership style to use in different contexts or situations. However, both models can be†¦show more content†¦That behavior applies to both telling and selling styles in STL. The leader in the telling style defines roles and tells people what, how, when, and where to do various tasks. The leader in the selling style provides both directive and supportive behavior. In path-goal theory, a participative leader consults with group members and uses their suggestions before making a decision. That behavior is very similar to the participating style in STL where the leader and followers share in decision-making and the main role of the leader is facilitating and communicating. The achievement-oriented leader in path-goal theory can apply to all styles of STL. The supportive leader in path-goal theory shows concern for the needs of followers and is friendly, which can also apply to all styles of STL but with less emphasis once a team reaches the delegating style. Followers and Environment Situational leadership theory and path-goal theory both recognize the importance of factors beyond the individual leader that must be considered when developing an effective leadership plan. For a team that has a high ability and considerable experience where they are both willing and able (R4), directive leadership is likely to be perceived as redundant. Therefore, being a supportive leader and using a delegating style will be more effective for a team who does not need a leader to tell them what to do. For a team that hasShow MoreRelatedLeadership Theory Analysis And Application862 Words   |  4 PagesLeadership Theory Analysis and Application There are many different leadership theories that have been proposed, tested, and studied over the years. Many organizations utilize these theories and practices to collect and analyze data within their own organizations which may allow them to find ways of increasing the effectiveness of their company. Although there are not any theories deemed completely perfect in leadership, many have been given lots of validity based on the and studies done involvingRead MoreThe Situational Approach And Contingency Theory1617 Words   |  7 PagesThere are many dissimilar leadership approaches leaders can employ when working toward meeting goals and in situations. But the two approaches, I will be discussing are the situational approach and contingency theory. These two approaches are the same, but yet they are dissimilar. According to Hanks (n.d), â€Å"the situational approach and contingency theory describes how different approaches to leadership can help owners and managers reach their goa ls.† The situational approach was developed in 1969Read MoreThe Contingency Approach : Strategic Leadership And The Implications Of The Main Contingency Models On Different Management1069 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction The contingency approach to leadership is the need for the leaders to be formable in their superior choice of leadership styles based on their situation thus if the leaders first attempt is to influence the group is failed ,the next suggested action will be to adopt a different style of leadership which is more compatible with the situation. Current theories and models of leadership explain the influence of position upon the satisfaction and performance of employees. While dissentingRead MoreLeadership Theories And Concepts Of Leadership1712 Words   |  7 Pagessubject of effective leadership. The review of the literature indicates that there are a number of elements which impact effective leadership. In an organization, when these elements are implemented, they contribute negatively or positively to the delivery of the organizational goals and directives. Subsequently we must first start with analyzing all relative theories and concepts of leadership. Interest in leadership increased during the early part of the twentieth century. Early leadership theoriesRead MoreLeadership Theory : Contingency Theories1235 Words   |  5 PagesLeadership Theory: Contingency Theories It has been determined that there a number of leaders who change their leadership style depending on the situation at hand. For instance, leaders who feel threatened by its followers including persons whom they perceived to be a threat to their assumption of powers tend to become authoritative as a survival tactic. This can be seen in the current world among most leaders across the globe. Contingency theory has been proposed to explain this behavior. This paperRead MoreWhat Makes A Good Leader?1338 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysis of Leadership Theories The topic of leadership and what makes a good leader has been studied for many years and has resulted in various leadership theories. Early leadership theories focused on the qualities or characteristic that leaders possessed while subsequent theories considered other variables such as the leader’s behavior and situations. Each theory has its advantages and disadvantages. In this report, I will provide a detailed analysis of the Trait, Contingency, Behavioral andRead MoreLeadership Is An Effective Leader1315 Words   |  6 PagesLeadership is the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or set of goals. There are many different types of leadership, all with their own appropriate time and place for use. An effective leader can be successful in all settings; it is important to develop a well-rounded skill set to combat different leadership roadblocks. When one thinks of a leader in a business organization, most likely they are thinking of formal leader. Sometimes this type of leader is referred to asRead MoreLeadership Theory : Transformational And Transactional Leadership Theories1137 Words   |  5 Pagesthe course of research, various theories appeared in literature on situational leadership. In some instances, situational leadership is part of a broader theory and vice versa. Related theories include transformational and transactional leadership, contingency theory, path-goal theory, and personality theories. Life Cycle Theory was not included since situational leadership originated from Life Cycle Theory. Transformational and Transactional Leadership Theories According to McCleskey (2014), transformationalRead MoreLEADERSHIP ESSAY985 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿ LEADERSHIP ESSAY #1 Julio Bermudez Florida International University Author Note This Paper was prepared for SPC 4445, Communication for Effective Leadership, Fall 2014, taught by Professor Christine Donaldson Abstract On September 11, 2001, James Parker, then CEO of Southwest Airlines, faced a difficult situation when the government ordered them to ground their entire fleet and shut down. Although, all the other U.S. airlines were faced with the same difficult situation, SouthwestRead MoreTransformational Leadership Theory : The Transformational Theory1280 Words   |  6 PagesThe transformational leadership theory was initially introduced by Burns (1978). Burns (1978) observed the characteristics of various leaders. The transformational theory is centered on the links formed amongst leaders and followers. The transformational leadership theory assumes that people will follow a leader who inspires them, and that a leader with a vision and passion can achieve great things. Also, the transformational leadership theory noted that the way leaders get things done is by showing

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Value Added Tax And Implementing China Essay - 2371 Words

ACCT 498-Capstone paper Qiming Wang 9/11/2016 Value Added Tax and Implementation in China Introduction As a type of consumption tax, as of January 1 2014, 164 countries employ a Value-added Tax in the world. All Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) members except the United States now applied VAT. According to the research by OECD committee, consumption tax was a large source of tax revenues, and â€Å"the VAT accounted on average for 6.6% of GDP and 19.5% in total tax revenues in OECD countries in 2012,† which was the largest proportion (â€Å"Consumption tax trends 2014†). To become familiar with the performance and importance of the VAT, leaning the meaning and implementation of VAT in a specific country would be a effective way to know why VAT developed rapidly in the worldwide in contemporary society. Brief History of Value Added Tax A value-added tax is a type of consumption tax that is placed on a product whenever value is added at a stage of production and at final sale. The value added tax applies to all economic activities involving the production and distribution of goods and the provision of services. According to European Commission’s definition, Value Added Tax is a general based consumption tax charged on the value added to each stage of goods and services (â€Å"What is VAT?†). The idea of Value-added Tax was introduced by Dr. Wilhelm von Siemens, a German industrialist who proposed the concept of the VAT. The key concept of Von Siemens’s idea wasShow MoreRelatedChin The World s Largest Producer Of Coke816 Words   |  4 PagesCoke Industry China is the world’s largest producer of coke, and there is evidence that China has for the last decade manipulated production and prices. According to the OECD, China’s use of export quotas became more commonplace starting in 2004 and continued for several years. Coke export allocations of 12 million tons in 2008 were cut to 11.9 million tons in 2009, to 9 million tons in 2010 and to 8.4 million tons in 2011. As China rolled out the export quota over these years, it concurrently startedRead More1. Fragmented and differentiated market With the increasing attraction of MNCs to the size and1000 Words   |  4 Pagesof MNCs to the size and growth of the Chinese consumer market, some are inclined to overlook the diversity among the indigenous consumers. The popular misconception of China as a huge market with homogeneous consumers often results in difficulties in evaluating demand and formulating effective marketing strategies. In reality, China is a large geographic area consisting of multiple fragmented markets; segmented by regional economic development and local culture. The Chinese also have diverse culturalRead MoreSugarcane Market Analysis By Jack Phillips Jones985 Words   |  4 Pages0 Executive Summary: Table of Contents 2.0 Industry Analysis: 3.0 Environmental Factors: 3.1 Natural Factors: 3.1.1 Weather: 3.1.2 Soil Erosion: 3.1.3 Pollution: 3.2 Cultural Factors - Australia moving away from sugar 3.3 Political Factors - Sugar Tax 3.4 Media Publics 4.0 Conclusion: 5.0 References:î ¿ ¾ 2.0 Industry Analysis: The Sugarcane industry in Australia started in the 19th century Queensland, as one of the biggest industries in Australia according to ACFA (2015). It currently includes variousRead MoreGst: the Challenges Amd so on for Implementation of Gst4681 Words   |  19 Pages 1, Issue 1, 55-64 GOODS AND SERVICES TAX, PROBLEMS AND EFFECTS OF IMPLEMENTATION ABOOD MOHAMMAD SALMEEN ALEBEL INTRODUCTION In taxation, taxpayers are taxed in two forms: whether through direct taxes such as income tax and road tax or through indirect taxes such as the sales tax and the services tax. For direct taxes, taxpayers will definitely realize that they are facing the tax burden since taxpayers are required to declare their income and to pay tax accordingly to the government. However,Read MoreSupply Chain Management1653 Words   |  7 Pagessalespeople, respectively | What was the result of Nike s stumble when implementing i2? Answer d. Nike halted the i2 implementation and instead implemented SAP a. Inventory problems which translated to product shortages, over-ordering, and unnecessary expediting costs, reducing Nike s 2001 3rd quarter sales by $100 million c. Nike s stock dropped by 50% due to its highly publicized problems when implementing i2 ï ¼Ë†Ã¦Å"‰å  ¯Ã¨Æ' ½Ã¯ ¼â€° b. Nike lost key retail customers due to inventory shortagesRead MoreSwot Analysis Of Nike s Marketing Strategy1543 Words   |  7 Pagesdiversification in their overall corporate strategy. The company not only diversifies in its product line but also in acquisitions and supply chain. Product diversification Nike’s first brand was solely focused on footwear. Over the years, Nike has added more product lines for this category by offering running shoes, tennis shoes, and shoes for a variety of other sports, including cricket ( Also, the company steadilyRead MoreGlobal Payments, Inc. Has Been In The Merchant Processing1616 Words   |  7 Pagesaround the world. The Merchant Services segment provides credit and debit card transaction processing services, check-related services, proprietary software products for the gaming industry, merchant accounting, card issuing services, and Internet tax payment services to financial institutions, gaming, government, restaurants, retail, and more. Global Payments principal facilities in North America are located in Atlanta, Georgia; Jeffersonville, Indiana; Las Vegas, Nevada; Pleasant Grove, Utah; PrincetonRead MorePolicy Making Processes : China s Exchange Rate Policy1642 Words   |  7 PagesPolicy Making Processes Memorandum for Chinese President Xi Jinping From: International Monetary Fund Executive Director for China Runke Sun Subject: Prevent China’s Exchange Rate Policy from Regulatory Capture China’s exchange rate policy: â€Å"a dirty float† Exchange rate measures the value of one country’s currency through another country’s currency, so it acts a significant role in international trade, by which I mean a wide range term, not only infers import and export trade, but also includesRead MoreTotal Compensation Strategy1105 Words   |  5 Pagescompensation strategy should take into account the following elements and orientation points:  » Fixing a value-based company management  » Coupling with the long-term appreciation of the company’s value  » Market orientation for engaging qualified executives and specialists  » Cost consciousness during conception and implementation  » Taking local conditions into account Strategy and Value Management Commitment and Flexibility Total Compensation Strategy Motivation and Performance Read MoreHistory of Gst in Malaysia3394 Words   |  14 PagesGoods and service tax were first deliberated in 2005 with the intention to introducing it in 1st January 2007. However, it was withdrawn in the following year. In 2009, GST was revived with a proposed rate of 4% to replace current Sales Tax of 10% and Service Tax of 5% in a bid to diversify national revenues. However, the idea of GST still end up floating around as it has now been officially deferred. 2. Concept of GST Goods and Service Tax (GST), also known as Value Added Tax (VAT), is a broad

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A Brief Note On The National Mediation Board - 865 Words

Introduction Employees generally seek union representation because they feel their workplace rights from their employer are not being met, or that they have an unfair disadvantage in regards to any needs or workplace desires. They turn to unions to help bridge the gap and ease the power differential that exists between employers and their employees. In order for a group of employees to obtain representation, they must undergo an election process to choose their union or decide if they, as a unit, want a union at all. Here, we will discuss the history of and changes to the manner in which employee votes have been counted to determine an outcome in these elections. 1. Prior to the National Mediation Board’s (NMB) 2010 rule change, what was the primary difference between how election results were counted under the NLRA and the Railway Labor Act (RLA)? For approximately seventy five years the only option an employee had to submit a vote against union representation was to not vote at all. Under the Railway Labor Act, it specifically identifies that â€Å"employees shall have the right to determine who shall be representative of the craft or class† 45 U.S.C $ 152 but does not define that a specific â€Å"no union† choice was available. This was further exemplified by the National Mediation Board who recognized non-voters as representing a no vote and/or being against union representation. Under this pretense and applicable to the ballot which only recognized voting for UnionShow MoreRelatedA Brief Note On The National Mediation Board921 Words   |  4 Pagesif they, as a unit, want a union at all (Cox, Bok, Gorman, Finkin , 2012). Here, we will discuss the history of and changes to the manner in which employee votes have been counted to determine an outcome in these elections. 1. Prior to the National Mediation Board’s (NMB) 2010 rule change, what was the primary difference between how the election results were counted under the NLRA and the Railway Labor Act (RLA)? For approximately seventy five years the only option an employee had to submitRead MoreSocial Welfare Administration10174 Words   |  41 PagesDevelopment Administrative Arrangement for Social Welfare in Tamilnadu Social Welfare based on the Policy Note (Govt of Tamilnadu) Women’s Welfare Programs for Economic Development of Marriage Assistance Programs Women Dr. Muthulakhsmi Reddy Ninaivu Mahapperu Nidhi Uthavi Thittam Institutional Care Partnership with Non-Governmental Organizations Other Schemes for Women Tamilnadu Social Welfare Board Tamilnadu Corporation for Development of Women Tamil Nadu Commission for Women Limited Women RecreationRead MoreKitchen Remodel5809 Words   |  24 Pages * Highly Objective | Weaknesses * Poor Listener * Lack empathy * Rely on advocates to much | Opportunities * Mentor team members * Problem solving * Team building | Threats * Lack of extraordinary people skills * Mediocre mediation skills * Limited scope of knowledge | Communication Style Some of the strengths that were defined by the Speak Strong communication assessment were that I do not overload people with details. I say exactly what I mean and meant exactly whatRead MoreDescribe How to Establish Respectful Professional Relationships with Adults52870 Words   |  212 Pages............................... 114 Appendix II THE FUNDING BODIES Appendix 111 116 MEETINGS ............................................. Appendix IV THE JCT AND THE CCSJC ....................................... 120 Appendix V NOTE BY THE CIC: AN ANALYSIS OF ACTION IN RELATION TO THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE â€Å"CROSSING BOUNDARIES ’ REPORT (At 15 April 1994) 1 .............................................. 123 Appendix VI TEXT OF THE ClPS PROPOSAL FOR â€Å"Construction Sourcing† Read MorePerformance Management in a Human Resources Framework5375 Words   |  22 Pagestechniques without much internal cohesion†¦ a hodge podge† (p.6). Several authors (McGraw, 1997; Rudman, 2002) compare the differences between PM and HRM, largely with PM directed at the needs of employees and focused on solving day-to-day problems and mediation, as opposed with HRM primarily directed at the needs of management. McGraw (1997) lists twenty-seven points of difference between PM and HRM across four dimensions: beliefs and assumptions; strategic aspects; line management and key levers (p.20)Read MoreAnti-Bullying Prevention Proposal6403 Words   |  26 Pages †¢ One school guidance counselor will act as the facilitator for the anti-bullying program. Major responsibilities will include providing mediation between the student body, parents of students, and school administration. †¢ The assistant principal of student support will act as the point of contact between school administration, the district board of education, and the superintendent of the district. †¢ Three (3) teacher representatives; preferably from the sociology, psychology, and/orRead MorePlachimada Case Study13995 Words   |  56 PagesAnalysis of the Act V. CONCLUSION INTRODUCTION Plachimada is often cited as a prime example of corporate aggression over natural resources and the consequent denial of the rights of the people. It has also been portrayed as the fight against a multi national corporation by a small section of the local population in order to protect basic human rights, such as the right to drinking water and the right to livelihood. What happened in Plachimada is often raised in discussions about the state’s actual recordRead MoreEth 321 Entire Course / Ethical and Legal Topics in Business6122 Words   |  25 Pagesexample National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Social Security Administration (SSA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Explain the role and function of each agency in a 6- to 9-slide Microsoft ®PowerPoint ®presentation with detailed speaker notes IncludeRead MoreEssay on Eth 321 Entire Course / Ethical and Legal Topics in Business6110 Words   |  25 Pagesexample National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Social Security Administration (SSA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Explain the role and function of each agency in a 6- to 9-slide Microsoft ®PowerPoint ®presentation with detailed speaker notes IncludeRead MoreASSESSING LEARNERS IN LIFELONG LEARNING7015 Words   |  29 Pagesbasic principles or the acronym AVRFI. Authenticity: All assessment activity must have in place processes to ensure that the achievement is the learner’s/ candidate’s own work. Learners/ candidates must sign a statement to this effect. Awarding Bodies boards have their own rules and regulations about authenticity and tutors/ assessors must make themselves familiar with them and abide by them. Validity: The method of assessment and the evidence provided must be appropriate and capable of demonstrating

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Clinica Romero Essay Example For Students

Clinica Romero Essay Named after the martyred Salvadoran archbishop and dedicated to the people thathe also served, Clinica Romero is a free clinic offering no-questions-asked,pay-whatever-you-can medical and dental services and prescriptions to everyonewho comes to its door. The clean and bright facility is located in the basementof the Royal University of Americas Oriental Medical Center, Straightforward inits operation, Clinica Romero originally offered all its medical servicesthrough volunteer physicians, although access to some grant money recently hasmade it possible to hire a half-time physician, and Margaret Martinez is workingon a creative plan to pay part of the salary of a supervisor from the Universityof Southern California Medical School, who would work on the clinics site tooversee a cadre of interns and medical residents whod help provide medicalservices there. Meanwhile, however, it efficiently delivers medical services sixdays a week (including two evening sessions) with a group of about 15 localphysicians who volunteer their services on a rotating basis. In a series ofrelated programs driven by project-specific funding, Clinica Romero alsoprovides health education (particularly AIDS/HIV), and an alcohol anddrug-prevention program that includes a community-organizing component aimed atensuring that the neighborhoods 456 (!) liquor stores and bars dont flout thelaws regarding loitering and sales to minors. With a staff of 23 and a $1million annual budget, Clinica Romero faces a rising tide of patients, with thenumbers served increasing from 3,500 three years ago to an expected 11,000 thisyear. With welfare reform denying Medicaid to many legal immigrants,these numbers arent likely to decrease. Health Care